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We are a group of 23 BA (Hons) Graphic Communication graduates from Norwich University of the Arts.

The common thread connecting our work has no single theme or style, but a multi-disciplinarity of approach to our creative practices.

Communication comes in many forms

in_form celebrates this diverse approach that we all share.

Nigel Aono-Billson
Tutor Graphics / Graphic Communication

Non-verbal artefacts

We live in strange and challenging times.

We live in a state of visual pollution.

We design for others, but does design change people’s lives?

What can you do?

What can we do?

I believe that we all need to; design with a conscience, think less about virtual/social activities. Be independent, ask less questions and do more for others and ourselves. Not take things for granted, assume we know, be complacent or be conceited.

Graphic Communication does:

  • Prepare future innovators to be ‘breathe-through’ thinkers and doers
  • Use design thinking to inspire, to adopt a multi-disciplinary attitude as part of a team or as an individual
  • Foster radical collaboration between users, audiences, service, activity and enterprise
  • Tackle projects using generative means and pre/prototyping to establish new solutions and new ways of thinking
Martin Schooley
Tutor Graphics/Graphic Communication course

The BA (Hons) Graphic Communication course at NUA encourages students to not only solve complex communication problems fit for the age and times we live in, but also to ask critical and difficult questions. We champion a healthy curiosity about the world we live in, and we are as happy raising issues as we are solving problems. This cohort exemplify this spirit perfectly. Working incredibly hard over the last three years along side their close colleagues in Graphic Design and Design for Publishing, they have produced a huge body of work, some of which occupies central territories with graphic design, whilst other work sits at the fringes of the discipline, pushing, testing and forging new ground.

We work together week in, week out, discovering new knowledge, searching for new and exciting insights and critically exploring and testing ideas. Over the course of the year we have looked at how to increase and maintain mental agility in the elderly; the debates around Fracking; apps that reward you for walking; the origin of cocktails; space junk; truth, lies and fake news; social media sins; homelessness; how the earth was formed; reducing food wastage; mental illness awareness; and why everyone ignores the Midlands! All this and much more can be seen in the portfolios of this graduating cohort.

It has been a huge pleasure to work with these students over the last few years, and I feel I have probably learnt as much from them, as they have from me. I wish them the best of luck as they now embark on the next stage of their careers. Stay in touch.

Darren Leader
Tutor Graphics/Graphic Communication course

Information. Communication. Engagement.

The skills of Graphic Communication graduates are applied beyond the purely commercial. They endeavour to understand and define the identity, meaning and message of all sectors of business and public life. Cultural. Political. Educational. Strategies are devised which prompt questions and debate to broaden our worldview. Awareness. Understanding. Action.

Analogue. Digital. Physical.

Our graduates move with the times, by respecting past practice and investigating the potential of new technologies. Always learning, skill-sets expand to maintain a contemporary edge which shape the character of communication. Intuitive. Trustworthy. Experience. Curiosity is fuelled by expanding knowledge where language and content is supported by cool visual aesthetic. Typographic. Photographic. In-motion.

Thinking. Discussion. Expression.

It is my privilege to work with Graphic Communication students; together we talk-it-through, develop our criticality, test our ideas and define the Inform-ation. Creative. Collaborative. Independent.

This show has been produced with the combined effort of the in_form team

Creative Direction:

Nigel Aono-Billson

Design & Layout:

Melissa Lim Shuen

Tsu Ann Wong


Julia Munday


Jed Harling

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